Services and Common Questions.

The cost of my services, totally depends on what you want. If you're not even totally sure what you want, then the best thing to do is just to get in contact with me. We can talk about what you want, and what would be involved.

Typically, the services I would offer would be Website Creation, but I also provide other services as needed.

How long does a photo-compilation take to make, and how much will it cost?

Again, it totally depends on what you provide me with for photos. For a set of about 50 photos with minor Photoshop work needed (hair removed from face, red-eye, eyes closed, dirty-shirt, etc..) put together with transition effects and music would take me about 2 - 3 days to complete depending on my current workload.

How much will it cost me?

That totally depends on you. There is such a huge range of websites out there from single page sites with basic contact information and images, to fully featured, video-enabled websites. The cost varies to such a great degree based on your requirements, the easiest thing to do is contact me for a free consultation. We can sit down, and take a look at what you are looking to do, and we can decide on a price that suits the project.

How long does it take?

The timeline to get your website online is of the utmost importance. There is a lot involved in getting your website online, functional and looking the way that you want. The more time I have to work with graphics, and to test out code, the better your site will be. As a ballpark figure, a website usually takes around a month to fully long as I have all of the graphic "assets" that I need.

The timeline of your website can be as fluid as you want. You can set a definite day that you want it done, or you can leave it more open. If you are looking to have a single splash-page for your business with basic contact information...that can be completed in a day or two. It you're looking to have 50 interlaced pages with links all over the place...that will take much more time.

The best way to figure out your timeline is to get in contact with me, and let me know what you're planning. It's a free consultation after all...

What is included with my Website?

I provide an complete package for websites. It there is something that you want for your site, I will include that in your package. The typical options that I include are the installation of WordPress (or other), custom code manipulation, Facebook page, Google + page, Google Maps marker, activation of email address, linking to Google Tools and Google Analytics, custom SEO to help you in search results, sitemap submission to google, etc...

Each site has a unique set of needs, and I am always able to meet and exceed those needs.

Ok, let’s do it. What now?

The best thing to do is just to get in contact with me. All of my rates are negotiable, as every project is so different from the last.

I do have sample contracts should you want to look one over.

Please CONTACT ME in the meantime, and I'd be more than happy to discuss costs (or lack there of).

What can you change in a photo?

There really isn't much that you can't change in a photo. Change the color of your hair, add a car, switch your face with someone else's, change the color of your car, remove blemishes, etc... The limit is really your imagination. One of the great things about photo-manipulation is that the laws of physics don't apply.

The limit of what you can change in the picture is often limited by the picture itself. If you have to remove something, and you have no frame of reference to re-create, it can be very difficult. If you have something in mind, contact me and lets take a look together.