Get your website designed and online now with Spare Square Design.

"Spare Square Design is a website and web-development company aimed at enriching the internet with engaging, fluid, functional websites and web content."

Jason Kircher | Head Honcho


We offer a truly 100% custom fit media package to suit your needs. We take your ideas and turn them into functional, fluid and friendly websites. We have created websites for both small and large companies, as well as smaller personal and WooCommerce websites as well.

Spare Square Design's websites are developed using HTML5 and CSS3. We've got your WordPress covered too. All of these new technologies allow me to develop websites quickly, with minimal code, making them faster and easier to update than ever. I take all photo assets myself, and am able to record HD video and audio as well. I do the photo and video manipulations myself, and see each and every project through to 100% satisfaction of my client. I have your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google integration covered as well.

For a list of my services, please see my service page, or just get in contact with me.